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The Wanderer’s Drift has released it’s debut album which follows two vagrants over the course of a couple of days. Unresolved, pointless arguments and dead end jobs lead these two cohorts/bandmates through a night of drunkenness and debauchery at a local dive bar. The night heats up as the band cranks up. Grit and angst muscle through the band’s speakers until the night gets as hazy as summer asphalt. Somewhere along the way, the two drifters come up with a plan that could ease this world off their backs. The plan is simple. The execution must be perfect. They’ll need to Rob a Bank. So, sit back, ‘cause it’s about to get Rowdy.


released August 30, 2014

Church Rowe; Mego René


all rights reserved



The Wanderer's Drift Abbeville, Louisiana

There's two of us. We organize sounds and display them as the backdrop to (we've been told) solitary and imaginative experience(s). We setup these 'sound collection sticks' and the box of turn-y things, the sticks are connected to, seem to mimic us somehow. The tribes outside told us to 'upload' them to the sky or clouds or webs or whatever. So here it goes....
did it work?
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Track Name: Latego
Seven times we've been down,
with nothing left to say.
You're too obtuse for me to let it loose,
before your grand display.
Tongue-tied again, conversation spins
in a meandering kind of way.
Positions shift, predictions went
exactly as I expect.

So, I pull it back again
and I won't let it go.
I won't let it go again.

Should I be a perfect enemy
and just stay away?
Intellectual territories
that I could never relay.
I see you working for a grasp at something
struggling to make headway.
In an ocean of words, I'd hate to see you hurt,
but my pride gets in the way.
Track Name: Video Store Clerk
Hey, Dougie
why'd you leave?
You're as passionate about urban clothing,
as you'd have us all believe?

Now Roger's
gone, too.
Despite the coached excitement
passed down when he was new.

Down here, at the bottom of this
totem pole.
I question the validity
of the things that we are told.

I'm just a video store clerk.
A lead CSR.
I watch a lot of movies.
I drive a beat up car.
Track Name: Muddily Thoughts and Rabbit Holes
Track Name: Fee Fi Foe
I’ve got salt on my tongue,
from licking my lips with the smell of human.

I’ll squash that little pest,
watch his head pop off his chest,
and I’ll sit back quite satisfied.

Swallow him down,
a meal fit for a crown,
with their nutritionally arrogant minds.

They bicker over differences,
but they all taste the same
to a palette not so fine.

I’ll slaughter them by the hundreds,
if I could be so lucky
to find such a goldmine.

They’re slow as molasses,
scattering in all directions.
little voices screaming out of their minds.
Track Name: Because I'm a Thief
Devil's in the details.
Re-tell me another story.
Versus this rain, I can't see
two feet in front of me.
Heartbreak can't escape
the deeper yearnings of our mending.
So, I'll let it free when I damn well please.

Why would I wait ‘til the walls crash down,
knowing that I won't make a sound to get you back.
No, not after that.
Sulphuric animosity, without reciprocity,
creates an illusion that hates you back.
No, you don't want that.

Hangman's back again
keeping lady justice fit and thin.
Chase me down if you must,
but I'll never give it back ,
no I'll never give it back.

Round and round, coast to coast,
terrified breathing, starry-eyed seeing.
When this crow finds his home,
I'm never coming out.
No, I'm never coming out alone.
Track Name: Bruce and the German
Damn, he's a tall mother-fucker,
I'd like to get me some of that.
Oh, you say you know him?
Well, buddy, introduce us fast.

I was in the mood to party.
I came out to have some fun.
The minute he walked in,
I knew the night had begun.

I wanna be all over him.
Want him all over me.
I'll do it in the bar, right here,
where everyone can see.

I figured he could kiss,
but, damn, the man can dance.
Suggesting naughty things,
reiterating with his hands.

It's gotten hot in here,
but maybe that's just me.
Shouldn't be too hard to convince him,
it's time for us to leave.

I wanna be all over him.
Want him all over me.
Much more than can be done,
right here, where everyone can see.
Track Name: Pre-Bloody Morning After Pills
Track Name: Greyish Blues
On bright sunny days,
I can sing my blues away.
Skin warms up and plans sprout up,
to waste the another day.
I won't let a little time come between me and mine, today.

I got to get up and shake the clouds away.
Did you take your medicine,
put some pep in your spin
and turn it all grey?
It gets a bit better as the day rolls and the hours fade.
Track Name: Hey, Wanna Rob a Bank?
I've been waiting on the man
to be singled out.
I read it in the sand
beneath a blue brick built beach house.
We've got these silly little plans all figured out.
If we had a dime for a dozen,
we'd be richer than what we are now.

We sat on it for days,
hoping one of us would cave.
Next time we met with anxious regrets
ending in a nod and a shake.
So, we start gathering the parts,
and visualize the stage.
At a quarter to 3:00, these dreams will be real,
and we'll take this whole damn place.

In with a penny out with a million.
Game faces on, it's time to be brilliant.
Finger on the trigger, not sure if I'll use it.
Please god, no one make a move or I'll lose it.
Heartbeat in my neck like a gun in my head.
I keep reminding myself I'm not dead, yet.
Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 make the final drop, now.
Sirens start approaching and our driver blows town.

Pierced and unaware,
caught between a stare
down the barrel of my useless gun.
Heaven's never after
for the tear-stained, lowly bastard
begging for life that’s come undone.
In a panic, I reach out.
My mind exploding, I yell out.
This world will see what we have done.
Pain closes in.
Vision blurred with sin.
Hurry, boys!
You better RUN!
Run for your life, I said run.
Run for your life, I said run.

So now, I'm waiting for the man
to be singled out.
This iron cell can
wear a man's spirit down.
It’s been six years to the day.
Things could've gone a better way.
But don't you fret, ‘cause I've got one more spade to play.

Steel loosens from my hands
and I remember being a man.
This long lonely walk,
through a concrete land.
And at the end of the day,
my pretty little driver whisks me away.
Backseat, bags unpacked,
enough cash for any rainy day.
Track Name: The End.

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